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Carry It With You - COVID-19

Hyper Souvenirs (2020-present) is an organisation that develops souvenirs, not for you casual Côte d'Azur-holidays, but for global events. Time is always ticking, and consciousness only stumbles after it, so we need objects that help us think what we tend to forget, or even want to forget. Souvenirs are small "tokens" that help us to think something bigger, for example that nice holiday at the Maldives, or even Grandma who couldn't go because she can't walk that well anymore. We then look back at a shell cast in epoxy resin, a photo of Berlin in a key chain, or send that Grandma a postcard in which we describe the environment. In short, we use objects as souvenirs to think bigger things, and to get 'to' them. These larger things, such as the climate, are what philosopher Timothy Morton calls "hyperobjects". These kinds of things are so large we cannot pinpoint them, while we also continuously experience them. We can 'think' these hyperobjects through what Morton calls "subscendence." If transcendence is the superlative of things, so that the scale becomes so large that we can no longer see it with our eyes, then subcendence is the "entrant" that makes hyperobjects smaller and more approachable. The ideal form for doing so is souvenirs.

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"Make Nature Scary again" part of Hyper Souvenirs, 2021. Audio guided walking tour through 'nature'.

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"Carry it With You" part of Hyper Souvenirs, 2020. is a series of keychains (ø30mm, PVC) based on virus diagrams.

"Greetings from Corona" part of Hyper Souvenirs, 2020.  Postcard-set of six with custom post stamps. (click here to see close-ups) Hyper Souvenirs develops souvenirs not for your regular Costa Del Sol holiday destinations, but for global events, appealing to new forms of commemoration. Drawn from thinking in OOO and New Materialism, Hyper Souvenirs are objects that help us think 'stuff' that both transcends us, but also influences our everyday lives. The Greetings from Corona postcard set takes sex locations affiliated strongly to the 2020 Corona crisis, and re-frames those locations in a well-known souvenirs postcard style.

Infrastructures of intimate exchange in times of crises greetings from corona.png
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